Our students have appeared in productions such as; Once Upon A Time, Neighbours, Home & Away, 13 Reason's Why, Liar, Liar Vampire, Winners & Losers, Animal Kingdom, I Frankenstein, Tomorrow When The War Began and Newton's Law. Our Kids and Teens classes are focused on facilitating a young actor's transition from beginner to professional screen actor, providing advice on the essential steps that lead to a successful career in the film business. 



Our Teens students have appeared in productions such as; Once Upon A Time, Neighbours, Home & Away, 13 Reason's Why, Liar, Liar Vampire, Winners & Losers, Animal Kingdom, I Frankenstein, Tomorrow When The War Began and Newton's Law.

We pride ourselves on providing a highly supportive and nurturing environment for Teens to explore the world of film and television acting, with our professionally experienced teachers.



Teens Film & T.V. Teacher

An Ex-TAFTA student herself, who went on to star in Winners and Losers, with roles in Neighbours, The Legend of Ben Hall and Spin Out. Pia has the privilege of teaching our Teen students all year around in Melbourne, her classes are a sell-out every term!



PiaGrace has been working with our teens for several years now after graduating, herself, from our first ever Full-Time Program. Since then she has gone on to perform in Winners & Losers, Neighbours, Holding the Man and, more recently, The Legend of Ben Hall. She has been on the screen since she was in her Teens and carries with her a world of knowledge on navigating T.V. and Film acting while young.

There are no prerequisites, with classes running within the school terms- excluding key public holidays. 

What our Teens learn:​

  • Screen craft

  • Learning scripts

  • Understanding and developing character

  • How to analyse and utilise body language

  • Gaining confidence in front of the camera

  • Listening and reacting on-screen

  • Understanding and practicing the audition process

  • Engaging and letting go in a role 

…and much more!


TAFTA has an exciting end to the year for the TAFTA Teens Program in Sydney!

Not only will the teens come away with 2 professionally filmed self-tape scenes that can be used for their show reel, but also the final class will be a Showcase that parents and industry professionals will be invited too, where teens will perform their scenes live!


There are no prior requirements, and classes run with the school terms, excluding key public holidays so you can still take family breaks.

Sydney Teens is taught by our industry professionals Monette Lee and Saskia Hampele who are both currently working in the industry.

What our Teens learn;

Weeks 1 - 4:

  • 2 professionally shot self-tapes 

  • Auditioning on camera

  • Camera technique

  • Eye lines and framing

  • Script analysis and scene study 

  • Confidence in the audition room

  • What it's like to work on set- How to be professional on set 

Weeks 5 - 8:

  • Preparation for live showcase 

  • Learning scripts

  • Character development

  • Body language and movement

  • Listening to your scene partner 

  • Having fun with the role 

  • Stage acting Vs screen acting



Teens Film & T.V. Teacher

Monette won a best actress award for her role in Happy Jack in the UK and has been nominated twice for 2 roles in short and sweet theatre festivals in QLD. Film and TV work includes – Mabo, Heartbeat, Sea Patrol, Serenades, Wildside; All Saints, Medivac, Waterats, Texas Rising (US,) Hoges and Starter Wife (US).

She has been teaching for 25 years and has specialised in teens, as well as teaching adults and children focussing on technique, auditioning, text analysis, stage craft and working on film.



Teens Film & T.V. Teacher

Saskia teaches TAFTA's Teen classes in Sydney, her acting credits include Neighbours, City Homicide, A Few Less Men. She is based in both America and Australia working as an actress, entrepreneur and acting coach, and has a thorough understanding of screen acting and techniques required to have a successful career in the film business. As one of the Australian Women's Weekly - Women of The Future winners in 2017, Saskia is an excellent role model to young actors. 



Saturday Class

   2:30pm - 5:30pm

1st Feb - 28th Mar

Sunday Class

   10:00am - 1:00pm

2nd Feb - 29th Mar



Saturday Class

   2:30pm - 5:30pm

18th April - 27th Jun*

Sunday Class

   10:00am - 1:00pm

19th April - 28th Jun*

* No class on 9th

or 10th of May for

Mother's Day, on 26th or 27th of April for ANZAC Day or on 6th or 7th of June for the Queens Birthday




Saturday Class

   2:30pm - 5:30pm

18th Jul - 12th Sep*


Sunday Class

   1:00am - 1:00pm

19th Jul - 13th Sep*

*No class on 5th or 6th of September for Father's Day



Saturday Class

   2:30pm - 5:30pm

10th Oct - 5th December*

Sunday Class

   10:00am - 1:00pm

11th Oct - 6th December*

*No class on the 31st of October or 1st of November for Melbourne Cup Weekend




Teens Film & T.V. Teacher

Angus has been acting in major film and television productions since the age of 12, accumulating a string of impressive credits, establishing himself as a well-known and brilliant actor in the Australian industry. Most recently, Angus played a supporting role in the incredible Hotel Mumbai and the lead in The Naked Wanderer along side comedy legend John Cleese. 

After joining the Sydney Teens just this year, Angus has already helped one of our students secure a role with the feedback that this student's "acting was far above the other submissions". What a guy!

Ph         1300 949 570
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