Acting is fun, acting is simple, but it isn't easy.


The Australian Film & Television Academy is dedicated to teaching and developing the craft of acting in film and television. We offer courses that cater to all ages and levels of experience and can help actors who are already on the path with an existing professional career, or those who are working towards creating one. Over the years, we have designed a series of courses and workshops that will progressively train you and offer you support while you work through what can be a very difficult and competitive industry.


Our director, John Orcsik, believes there are many teaching methods in the world, most of which claim to be the ‘one true method’- the fact is there isn’t one. At TAFTA we believe that each human being is different and needs to be treated as an individual on their own path.  Over your career as an actor, we will help you develop the skills that you will be able to call upon for different roles while working across a variety of different productions. 




John Orcsik, started TAFTA on the Gold Coast in 1994. He has written, directed and performed for stage, the small screen and the silver screen and has been sharing his insights into the film and television industry with students across Australia for over twenty years.


He has performed in countless Australian film and television productions with major sustaining roles in numerous TV series and continues to work as an actor alongside his desire for mentoring new generations of performers. With over 1000 hours of television drama credits throughout his career, John possesses an enviable wealth of practical experience that he is keen to share with his students.

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