"I have discovered amazing talent at TAFTA and I believe this is due to their dedication and high level of training that they receive. The students that graduate from TAFTA are committed to their craft, hard-working and I am always excited to meet new graduates from TAFTA."



Neighbours, Spin Out, Pawno

"I can honestly say that everything I know about acting has come from TAFTA, not just the skill and rehearsal practice, it's the whole mentality and training system behind it. It's not just a school, it's more like a family."



Crazy Rich Asians, Tomorrow When the War Began, I Frankenstein

"I learnt countless amounts of skills and traits at TAFTA that I couldn't have done without and I've used them now and in the past for 'Tomorrow When the War Began' and other projects."



Tomorrow When the War Began, As the Bell Rings, Once Upon A Time (US)

"The incredible amounts of knowledge that I have learnt have been insane and I owe so much to TAFTA. TAFTA, you have taught me everything about the craft, from on-set etiquette, learning to be comfortable in this industry, how to audition & self-tape and I don't know where I would've started without you!"




"The 20-week course was one of the best decisions I've ever made in life and it's almost as if we created a family with everyone in the group. NAI was the best experience ever and made me so much more confident. The course was the perfect mix of fun, experience, learning, and networking with the best industry professionals."



Supernatural, Star Trek Beyond, Prison Break: Sequel

"I'm very grateful for the opportunities TAFTA has opened up for me. I would recommend it to anyone needing a launching pad for their acting career. I received invaluable mentoring, coaching & support that's lead to an incredible agent, opportunities to audition worldwide and gained lead roles in film & TV."



Neighbours, Twenty Something, The Heights

"Without TAFTA I'd never have come this far as an actor. The amount of work I have done really exceeds my dreams and continues to do so. Thanks John and you know I will never stop thanking you."



Ali's Wedding, Rush, Good Muslim Boy

"John Orcsik is an extraordinary teacher, mentor and friend. I have no doubt that it is thanks to John and the TAFTA ensemble that I have been able to book work in the Australian television industry. Specifically, in working in the advanced teens class with John, as well as the emotions courses, my skills have been developed greatly, especially in terms of expressing emotions on screen. John truly cares about his students, and helped me numerous times with auditions and even in securing an agent. The TAFTA teens courses and casting workshops helped tremendously in understanding how to act in front of a camera, and were extremely useful in terms of knowing what to expect in the industry. To anyone who asks how they can further their acting skills, I always recommend that they go to TAFTA, as I truly believe that it opened so many opportunities for me."



Newton's Law, Harrow

"TAFTA was definitely a really crucial part of my training. Through doing a TAFTA course I really learnt how to shake the whole performance."



Animal Kingdom, Adore, The First Time

"The TAFTA 20-week course is one of the best decisions I've ever made, both personally and for my career as an actress. Early into the course, I developed a strong foundation of skills and techniques, which freed my mind and gave me the confidence to trust my own choices in a scene. 
The course takes you through the real expectations of a working actor and brings familiarity to the small things you just won't be taught on-set. I loved the challenged that came with being mentored by working professionals, the bar was set high and we all pushed ourselves and grew as individuals and actors.

Now, auditions are fun, the thought of being on-set is no longer daunting as I know I've run countless scenes with blocking, marks, multiple cameras, a sick scene partner, tired and hungry boom-operators, sound (and human) interference and... well, whatever may come... I know I can do it! Thanks to John and the incredible team at TAFTA!"



The Vampire Diaries, Neighbours

" I owe TAFTA a lot for where I am in my career and couldn't ask for a better mentor than the man, John Orcsik. Doing the TAFTA Full-Time courses and the LA experience not only got me representation in Australia but also a manger and agent in the states. John pulled me out of Perth and from then on has been there the whole way. Now, I am starting to make little ripples in the states and will never forget who first believed in me. To the TAFTA Team, John Orcsik and Jess Orcsik for always being there."



Playing for Keeps, The War That Changed Us, The Doctor Blake Mysteries

"John Orcsik, as a teacher, coach and mentor, has been more influential in helping actors score film and television roles both in Australia and internationally than anyone else I know of. His dedication to TAFTA and his students is endless. He works tirelessly and selflessly to help actors reach their potential. He brings to his teaching over fifty years experience in film and television. He continually evolves his teaching methodology through observation, practice and study, has created new and unique courses and has assembled a loyal and vastly experienced teaching staff. John has the ability to tap into what an actor needs to progress and develop those skills. He is not only a master teacher but also brilliant at getting the most out of an audition - whether it be a self test for the American market or a scene for an Australian casting director. As well as these skills John has extensive connections within both the Australian and International markets and through constant communication with these agencies has his fingers on the pulse of what roles are being cast and what that particular casting director looks for. Finally, John is great at providing a place where actors can work on all aspects of acting - from developing performance skills to marketing to career advice. If an actor is serious about pursing a career as an actor, and is willing to work hard and be diligent, run to John Orcsik's classes!"



Godzilla: Final Wars, Headland, City Homicide

"I was fortunate enough to take part in TAFTA's first 20-week course in Melbourne and it was the catalyst in a chain reaction of successes at the beginning of my acting career. Before my twenty weeks was up, I had landed a but part on NEIGHBOURS and a guest role on Seven's WINNERS AND LOSERS - which became a semi-regular part when the show began it's second series. Not only did TAFTA provide a safe, creative environment for us to develop and experiment as artists but the one-on-one support and backing received - I have not found anywhere else. I worked with a wide variety of well-known, respected and experienced teachers that I may not have had an opportunity to meet, let alone learn from, if I hadn't taken full advantage of this great opportunity!
From stunt work to mime, from business to film and tv, we even refined and improved our American accents. It was a privilege to spend time in the company of respected actors, directors and coaches who willingly gave their time and shared their knowledge and experiences... priceless!... I made lifelong friends and valuable business contacts, learnt more than I can cram into a notebook (- three notebooks, actually) and had a ridiculous amount of fun doing it. During the twenty weeks, I overcame personal obstacles through different techniques which encouraged my confidence to build and helped me grow as both an actor and a person. What else can I say? Pre-course: struggling through auditions. Post-course: working on a professional level. Viva la TAFTA!!!"




Winners and Losers

"Whenever I am back home in Melbourne I always go to TAFTA for my self-tape auditions. The atmosphere is amazing and all the teachers, especially John are incredible. Thanks to John, I have improved immensely with my acting and have developed different ways of approaching my scenes. I have learnt so much about my craft from going to TAFTA over the past couple of years and I always look forward to coming back."



The Conjuring 2, Love Child

"I have been with TAFTA for three years now and it has been the biggest learning experience. I began with the teen classes which was a good start to my training, then for some heavier training I was lucky enough to participate in the 20-week course! The 20-week course provides all elements necessary to help you grow as an actor and a person. With various different teachers and focus points the 20-week course expands your knowledge in Voice, Improv, Drama, Comedy, Business and much more. Thanks John!"




"Just imagine you knew in your blood you wanted to be an actor, but changing that dream into the reality of being a working actor seems impossible. Where do you start? Now, I know the answer: TAFTA! This school has been an amazing part of my life and my acting dream. The help, support, guidance, care, and passion of the TAFTA team will give anyone the best opportunity they can get to pursue their acting dream. I recommend TAFTA to anyone looking for an acting start. To John Orcsik (TAFTA Director) and Jess Orcsik (LA Experience Director) Thank You!"



Charlie Says (US), Counter Play

"To any actor wanting to be able to learn the skills to be able to compete in the industry definitely go to Tafta, the quality of the training and the exposure to the industry Iv gained from completing the 20 week course has given me the tools I need to be able to go into an audition confident in my abilities. The staff who work there are incredible and the level of support I’ve received during my time at Tafta has made sure I’ve come out a stronger and better actor because of it."



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